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  • BIOGENTS BG Mosquitaire Outdoor Mosquito Trap


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      BIOGENTS BG Mosquitaire Outdoor Mosquito Trap


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      About this item

      • CONTENTS: This package contains ONE BG-Mosquitaire mosquito trap (includes 2 catch bags. 1 power supply US unit (1 m cable). 1 extension cord (10 m)) with ONE BG-Sweetscent attractant (lasts up to two months. refills available). They capture Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes before they bite you.
      • TARGET PROFILE: Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes are vectors of killer diseases including yellow fever. dengue fever. and more. The BG-Mosquitaire (without CO2 upgrade) has been designed to be most effective against these species of mosquitoes.
      • BEST USE: This trap is to be placed outdoors in a humid and shady position. with electric power for its fan. It reduces mosquito bug populations and bites. Optimal when used alongside our BG-GAT (sold separately) which targets egg-laying mosquitoes rather than biting mosquitoes.
      • FUTUREPROOF: This product is up to 10x more efficient when upgraded with a CO2 emitter set. Carbon dioxide is a potent draw for all types of mosquito insect. making this trap effective on more than just Asian tiger and Yellow mosquitoes. The emitter set (BG-Booster) is available from Biogents but not included with this listing.
      • ENDORSEMENTS: Biogents is a scientific company dedicated to keeping nuisance mosquito populations in check. Its products are proven to control mosquitoes without the use of insecticides. protecting the environment and beneficial wildlife such as bees. They’re the first choice of the US. German. and French militaries. and are used by the WHO. CDC. and the World Mosquito Program.

      Product Description

      Biogents | mosquito traps
      Biogents mosquito trap

      biogents USA

      About Biogents:

      Biogents USA is an affiliate of Biogents AG. located in Germany. Research side. Biogents’ scientists develop groundbreaking mosquito traps and attractants. In the product sector. Biogents produces patented mosquito traps that have been shown to exhibit capture rates many times greater than other designs. Today. the spectrum of Biogents mosquito traps ranges from specialist devices used by scientists and health-care specialists worldwide to domestic products for home-use by the general public.

      “How does a mosquito find its host? And what can you do about it?”

      Answering this was part of Dr. Martin Geier’s research at the University of Regensburg in Germany. He spent years analyzing the composition of scents that are attractive to mosquitoes and finding the key factors that influence the behavior of these flying disease vectors. His research was the base for the patented trap systems.

      Biogents’ scientists continue to develop and refine the expertise and the products the company offers.

      • Patented technology: BG-Sweetscent
      • Effectiveness is scientifically proven
      • Biogents products: mosquito traps and mosquito attractants
      • No use of toxic chemicals
      • Does not attract farm animals such as bees or butterflies!
      BG-Mosquitaire against tiger mosquitoes
      Biogents BG-Mosquitaire

      BG-Mosquitaire ?C Highly effective trap against host-seeking tiger mosquitoes!

      Our high catch-rate trap BG-Mosquitairewas specifically developed for use againstAsian tiger mosquitoes(Aedes albopictus) andyellow fever mosquitoes(Aedes aegypti) which are both day-active. very aggressive biters. and potential vectors of diseases such as dengue fever. Zika. chikungunya.

      In the US. they are invasive species that have become significant pests and potential disease vectors throughout much of the south central and eastern United States.

      The trap targets tiger mosquitoes that are actively searching for a host to bite. By constantly removing these female mosquitoes it reduces the local tiger mosquito population.Bothered by mosquitoes other than tiger mosquitoes? See our BG-Booster CO2to catch all mosquito species.

      Biogents traps are probably the best way to reduce your local mosquito population in the long term. We have developed traps that specifically target bloodsucking insects and show thehighest catch ratesof mosquitoes ?Cwithout using toxic pesticides.

      Biogents BG-Mosquitaire

      Trap type: BG-Mosquitaire

      Biogents BG-Mosquitaire

      How it works!


      Placement & effect

      features & use

      Features & use

      Biogents Testing Services

      Control effect is scientifically proved

      Biogents products are used worldwide by professionals and healthcare experts. Our traps are thegold standardfor tiger mosquito (Aedes aegypti. Aedes albopictus) monitoring and are used by theUS. Germany. and French militaries. numerousmosquito control institutions.andpublic health organizationsworldwide including theWHO and CDC. They have also become the standard in worldwide programs such as theWorld Mosquito Program.founded by the Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation to control dengue fever and other diseases transmitted by these species. Governmental agencies such as the USDA use our technologies in their surveillance programs.

      Biogents BG-Mosquitaire-CO2

      Distribution of the Asian tiger mosquito:

      The Asian tiger mosquito.Aedes albopictus. has become one of the major mosquito pest species throughout most of the south-central and eastern United States. Over the past 30 years. this invasive and particularly aggressive daytime-biting mosquito has spread from its Asian origin to 5 continents. Over the last few years. the presence ofAe. albopictushas been reported from numerous new locations. reflecting an ongoing distribution in the USA. The tiger mosqito can be the vector of numerous diseases such as dengue. Zika. and chikungunya.


      Unlike other nuisance mosquitoes. the tiger mosquitoes are primarily active during the day. including dawn and dusk. In many communities. it has become the major pest mosquito and. due to its unusually aggressive biting. has taken the joy out of spending time in the yard and garden. Adult tiger mosquitoes tend to rest near the ground in vegetation and readily bite if disturbed. They tend to have a short flight range and remain within a few hundred meters of their larval habitats. Tiger mosquitoes developed a great adaptability in colonizing new habitats in urban and suburban areas. Females utilize flower pots. bird baths. soda cans. buckets. plant saucers. plastic drainpipe extensions and many other human-made water holding containers as sites to deposit eggs.

      Identification (Asian tiger mosquito):

      Albopictus” means white-painted. TheAsian tiger mosquito is a small mosquito. with sizes ranging between 1/10 and 1/3 inch. The animal is black with bright white marks. A single white line that begins on the head and continues down the back of the central part of the body (the thorax) is the most conspicuous characteristic. along with the white markings on the legs.

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